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Don't you feel great when someone comments on the unique bag you are carrying? You want a stylish purse and want to feel good about what you are wearing. Imagine loving the look of your bag as well as the story behind it because it's made from eco friendly products and fair trade. Each time you buy an eco friendly bag from BagInspiration you will not only look good but feel good about what you are wearing. You can Go Green with Style with BagInspiration?s selection of bags for women.

The story of BagInspiration begins with a friendship and a Mexican Candy wrapper purse.

Michelle and Stefanie met at a playgroup in September 2000 when their boys were three years old. They quickly became good friends and spentmany more playgroups, dinners and shopping trips together. Over the years they have gone from working mothers to stay-at-home moms and back again. No matter where they work, they have busy lives raising their children (Stefanie has three and Michelle has two) and managing their families in Middleton, WI

Inspired after seeing candy wrapper bags in Mexico, the friends began to seek out other bags made from recycled materials. They found a plethora of unique and stylish handbags made from everything from recycled plastic bags, Jute, seatbelts, and used tires, just to name a few. Many were also certified as fair trade products which added to the appeal for the women.

Their interest in going green extends beyond just bags. Both are committed to incorporating more green practices into their lives at greeninspirationblog.com. To get the latest on new products and sales follow us on Facebook and Twitter.